We pay a lot of our hard earned money each month to insurance companies to ensure that when and if something happens, we have the coverage we need. So when we do get into an accident or need to utilize our insurance, the last thing we expect is to not hear a response, or the response we expect, from our insurance provider.

Unfortunately, this scenario is all too common. Insurance companies will delay payments, avoid communicating with you or deny your claim without reason just to make the process difficult for you and avoid paying out the full amount you are owed. If this does happen to you, what can you do to resolve it?

Know the Red Flags

For many who are experiencing their first accident or first need to file a claim with their insurance, it may be hard to pinpoint whether or not you are dealing with an uncooperative insurance company. Insurers work hard to pay as little as possible, but there are many things an insurer may do to avoid paying your claim altogether or to make the process difficult so you accept a lower amount. To prevent this from happening to you, pay attention to these red flags:

  • They outright deny a claim without reason or proper notice
  • They accuse you or another party of fraud or lying about the extent of the damages and injuries
  • They delay making payments
  • They avoid any communication and make it difficult to reach them
  • They tell you they have closed your case
  • They make excuses or try to prove that the accident was your fault

Stay Calm

Your first reaction will likely be annoyance and even anger, but it’s important to remain calm and avoid threatening your insurer or using aggressive tones. While an insurance agent may be instructed to give you the run-around, in the end, they are still human and if you deal with the situation calmly and professionally, you are likely to resolve the issue much easier. If you do not feel that you can talk to the insurance provider yourself, consider having an attorney step in early on to handle all communication for you.

Cooperate with the Insurance

When you feel you are being treated unfairly, you probably have no intention of cooperating. But while the insurance company is required to do certain things, so are you. As the insured, you are required to pay your bills on time, sign authorizations and give the insurance provider all the information they request, from medical bills to police reports. Failing to do any of these things can greatly impact your case and give the insurance more leverage to deny your claim.

Contact an Attorney

Dealing with insurance can be hard enough, but dealing with a provider who is not cooperating with you can often be too difficult to handle on your own. If you feel you are falling victim to this, contact an attorney as soon as possible. At Balkan & Patterson, we know exactly what it looks like when an insurance company is trying to deny your claim or make the process difficult so you accept a lower payment. We will step in and work with them to ensure that they cooperate and pay you what you deserve. For more information about how we can help you, call at 561-750-9191 or visit our website.