Surviving Spouse Rights

Probate law can get very technical. In short, the surviving spouse is the most protected individual by Florida probate courts. Navigating difficult circumstances surrounding the death of a loved can leave surviving spouses confused and uninformed of their rights. It is important that surviving spouses understand their rights in the state of Florida.   Terms in Probate as They Relate to Surviving Spouse Rights in Florida  Laws pertaining to wills and inheritance can be quite confusing. We take a look at what the most important terms mean here: Probate: Probate law is the field of law where wills, estate and inheritance fall under. Intestacy: WhenRead More →

Avoid driving while texting

For most of us, our daily lives depend on our cars to get us from place to place. Whether we have a long commute each day or have to drive down the street, avoiding a potential accident is a concern for many. No matter how cautious of a driver we try to be, accidents are often inevitable. Without giving up our freedom of driving completely, there are ways to help avoid accidents. When driving, it’s always important to follow these top safety tips. If you consistently do so, you will not only be preventing harm to yourself, but to all other drivers on the roadRead More →

How to avoid child injuries in South Florida

Thousands of accidental injuries to children occur each year in Florida, so it is important that parents understand the risks to their children. There are many steps to take to protect your child. Among the most common major causes of injuries to children are medical malpractice, vehicle accidents, dangers on private property and childcare negligence. Here are some ways to identify and prevent these accidental injuries. Medical Malpractice Medical negligence can be devastating enough when it happens to you. But when it happens to our children, it can be almost too painful to fathom. It is not enough to know your child’s doctor made aRead More →

what is dental malpractice?

Going to the dentist is never a fun task. In fact, many people actually have a diagnosed phobia of sitting in a dentist’s office. Because of this, it’s very important that dentists treat each patient with the highest level of care to ensure that their experience is as painless as possible. But what happens if a dentist fails to do this and you end up getting hurt or contracting health issues due to a dental procedure gone wrong? This is called dental malpractice and yes, you are able to sue for it if you can prove it. Dental malpractice refers to a dentist whose patientRead More →

Boca Raton Beach

Here in Florida, we are no stranger to accidents occurring on our roadways. In fact, our state is routinely on the list for most accidents around the country. Even the most cautious drivers are sometimes unable to avoid getting into a crash. And while many of the accidents we see seem to occur on highways, specifically I-95, local streets are actually more prone to dangerous accidents. To stay safe while on the roads, it’s important to always practice safe driving. Avoiding distractions is key, as that is often the main cause of accidents, specifically on local roads. In addition, always follow the rules of theRead More →

What to Expect After Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit ?

Accidents happen, the reality is that in far too many situations, one party involved in the event acted negligently and in turn, caused the accident to happen. The statistics in the United States are too extreme to ignore. Automobile accidents are the leading cause of personal injuries in the nation and account for six million events each year with well over two million resulting in injuries or disabilities. The National Safety Council (NSC) reports that accident-related injuries change the lives of over three million people each year in the United States, with the average financial impact being between $140,000 to more than one million. WereRead More →

Car Accident in Boca Raton - What should you do?

Did you know that approximately 700,000 personal injury claims are filed each year in the United States alone? If you were injured because of the negligence of someone else, you deserve fair compensation. Understanding the common types of personal injury and how to find a Florida personal injury attorney are the first steps in learning about your rights and the issue of liability. Auto Accidents A reported 2.3 million individuals suffer injuries or disabilities related to car accidents each year in the United States. It is by far the number one reason for personal injury cases in the country. Unlike other types of personal injuryRead More →

Who is at fault if you do not receive the correct medication

Any time you buy a product, you are at risk for injury. Unfortunately, the most common types of defective products come from large corporations who are well-known and sell a lot of products to consumers around the country. A product can become defective if it does not work properly or it does not have the proper warning or risk labels to ensure customers use it correctly. As a consumer, it’s important that you are aware of the common types of defective products so you can avoid being injured by them. Injuries following the use of a defective product can be life changing and include everythingRead More →

Abused at School ?

When we send our kids off to school, we expect them to be treated with care. So what can we do if we suspect that our child is actually being abused? Abuse can come in a variety of forms, both physical and emotional, and at times, it can be hard to pinpoint whether or not abuse is really occurring. Children are often ashamed or for younger kids, even unaware of what is happening to them, so the abuse regularly goes unreported. Common signs of child abuse include physical signs, like bruises, broken bones and burns, or behavioral signs, such as showing no interest in anRead More →

How Do I Know if My Investor is Involved in Securities Fraud?

You may be investing in securities without even realizing it. Security investments include retirement accounts, such as a 401k; college savings accounts and similar investment accounts people commonly invest in for future financial security and stability. As the volume of investments in these types of accounts continues to increase, so do the amount of fraudulent claims involving securities, many of which are done by our very own investors. For many people, we trust our money to a financial advisor or financial company to handle our investments. It’s unlikely that we regularly check in on the status of our accounts as the majority of securities accountsRead More →