Railway Crossing Accidents

With the new Brightline trains here in Florida and more Floridians opting for public transportation, the number of deaths and injuries caused along railroads has greatly increased. In fact, it is almost becoming commonplace to hear a news story about a train striking a pedestrian or a car while going at high speeds. This increase has left many people wondering who is at fault when someone is injured or killed by a train or along a railroad crossing. Determining the Cause of the AccidentA train accident can be traumatic as they often result in deaths or extreme injuries. The first step to finding who isRead More →

Defective Airbags

We all inherently have something called good faith when we purchase products. Whether we saw them on an advertisement, were recommended to them or simply spotted them while shopping, we expect the products we buy to do as they say they will. So what happens if a product actually injures or hurts us? This is where product liability comes in. A product can be held liable for your injuries if it was designed incorrectly, had manufacturing defects, or if the manufacturer failed to warn or label the product correctly. Products can range from prescription medication to car parts, food items, and more. Examples of theseRead More →

What Does a Probate Litigation Attorney Do?

Probate litigation occurs when a Last Will and Testament is challenged or disputed after a person passes. Litigation can also occur when there is no will in place and the family and loved ones cannot agree on an administrator to handle the deceased’s assets. Once a probate litigation case is filed, a probate attorney will work with their client to ensure their rights are represented and the assets are distributed correctly. A probate court will work to identify the assets of the deceased, decide on the payment of taxes and distribute the remaining property to those mentioned in the will. If any of these itemsRead More →

Can I Sue for a Misfilled Prescription?

You see your doctor, decide on a treatment plan and head to the pharmacy to pick up your medication. Without realizing it, you begin taking the wrong medication and suddenly, you are dealing with unwarranted pain, bad side effects and health issues that weren’t present before. It isn’t until these negative symptoms arise that you realize the medicine you have been taking is not the one your doctor had originally intended to prescribe. Unfortunately, the damage has already been done—is there anything you can do? While you may not be able to reverse any damage, you can look to get compensation for the harm thatRead More →

Surgical errors are a common form of medical malpractice

Throughout our lives, most of us will seek out the help of a medical professional to treat an illness, correct a problem or even grow our families. While being treated by a doctor is a common occurrence, getting treated improperly is something no one expects to happen. When a healthcare professional is negligent with our care, and that negligence results in injury or pain, that professional should be held liable. There are many different types of medical malpractice, from surgical errors to filling the wrong prescriptions, but here are the most common. Misdiagnosis or Delayed Diagnosis Possibly the most common form of medical malpractice isRead More →

Balkan Patterson were recently involved in a class action lawsuit against Apple

A class action lawsuit is a type of group lawsuit where a complaint is filed by one party on behalf of multiples who have a similar case. Often, class actions occur when a large corporation is fraudulent or negligent enough to hurt their consumers. It can be very difficult for a single person to go up against a large corporation, so class action lawsuits give those people the ability to not only take on the corporations, but to win their case and prevent the company from hurting more people. Class action lawsuits, often spearheaded by a qualified attorney, are one of the best ways toRead More →

Hurricane damage to your house.

Hurricanes are inevitable here in Florida, and the damage they cause can lead to lost property, extensive home repairs and a long road to recovery. Most Floridians have enough knowledge of hurricanes to make sure they have the right property insurance, including flood and wind, but just because you have the right policy, doesn’t always mean your insurance company will give you what you deserve after a storm. Right after a storm hits, homeowners are left to find ways to rebuild their lives and their property. A big part of rebuilding is speaking with your insurance company to understand your claim and what you willRead More →

What is Medical Malpractice?

You have probably heard the term medical malpractice in passing or on a television commercial, but fortunately for many, there is no need to truly know what the term means until it happens to you. In short, medical malpractice occurs when a medical professional, be it a doctor, nurse, hospital, or other health care professional, causes or contributes to an injury to a patient through negligence. This negligence can occur in many forms: a doctor can misdiagnose a patient, give them the wrong prescription, fail to properly manage their care post surgery or treatment, or even injure them during treatment. There are three steps toRead More →

When we go to a restaurant to enjoy a nice meal, we never expect to leave with an injury that can change the trajectory of our lives. Unfortunately, though, injuries are common in dining establishments, particularly slip and falls. This is often due to the constant spillage from drinks and food and the lack of proper clean up during busier hours. No matter how careful we may be while eating out, or even how careful a restaurant is with their clean up, a slip and fall accident is often unavoidable and can lead to time off work, lost wages and prolonged injuries. If you experienceRead More →