Who is at fault if you do not receive the correct medication

Any time you buy a product, you are at risk for injury. Unfortunately, the most common types of defective products come from large corporations who are well-known and sell a lot of products to consumers around the country. A product can become defective if it does not work properly or it does not have the proper warning or risk labels to ensure customers use it correctly. As a consumer, it’s important that you are aware of the common types of defective products so you can avoid being injured by them. Injuries following the use of a defective product can be life changing and include everythingRead More →

Abused at School ?

When we send our kids off to school, we expect them to be treated with care. So what can we do if we suspect that our child is actually being abused? Abuse can come in a variety of forms, both physical and emotional, and at times, it can be hard to pinpoint whether or not abuse is really occurring. Children are often ashamed or for younger kids, even unaware of what is happening to them, so the abuse regularly goes unreported. Common signs of child abuse include physical signs, like bruises, broken bones and burns, or behavioral signs, such as showing no interest in anRead More →

How Do I Know if My Investor is Involved in Securities Fraud?

You may be investing in securities without even realizing it. Security investments include retirement accounts, such as a 401k; college savings accounts and similar investment accounts people commonly invest in for future financial security and stability. As the volume of investments in these types of accounts continues to increase, so do the amount of fraudulent claims involving securities, many of which are done by our very own investors. For many people, we trust our money to a financial advisor or financial company to handle our investments. It’s unlikely that we regularly check in on the status of our accounts as the majority of securities accountsRead More →

Can I still collect if the accident was my fault?

Accidents can happen out of nowhere. Often, we picture accidents occurring due to the negligence of another driver. But what happens if we get into an accident and it was our fault? If the entire accident is deemed to be your fault, you will not be able to collect any money for injuries or damage that occurred to you or your property. But, it is usually unlikely for many accidents to be deemed entirely one parties fault. If you are able to prove that you were only partly at fault, you could be entitled to compensation. An experienced attorney will be able to take informationRead More →

Going to the dentist is never a fun task. In fact, many people actually have a diagnosed phobia of sitting in a dentist’s office. Because of this, it’s very important that dentists treat each patient with the highest level of care to ensure that their experience is as painless as possible. But what happens if a dentist fails to do this and you end up getting hurt or contracting health issues due to a dental procedure gone wrong? This is called dental malpractice and yes, you are able to sue for it if you can prove it. Dental malpractice refers to a dentist whose patientRead More →

We pay a lot of our hard earned money each month to insurance companies to ensure that when and if something happens, we have the coverage we need. So when we do get into an accident or need to utilize our insurance, the last thing we expect is to not hear a response, or the response we expect, from our insurance provider. Unfortunately, this scenario is all too common. Insurance companies will delay payments, avoid communicating with you or deny your claim without reason just to make the process difficult for you and avoid paying out the full amount you are owed. If this doesRead More →

what do you do if you were hit by a drunk driver?

Car accidents are scary, but when an intoxicated driver is involved in the accident, knowing the right steps to take can be even more intimidating. It’s important to do your research and make sure that you are both safe and protected. These six steps should be your first after getting into an accident with an intoxicated driver. Keep Calm and Ensure Safety The most important thing you can do immediately following an automobile accident is to remain calm. Ensure that the passengers in your vehicle and the other vehicle(s) are safe and have not sustained any injuries requiring immediate medical attention. Limit your interactions withRead More →

Dentist offices give off an air of cleanliness that we expect at all medical professional offices, hospitals and clinics. So we would never expect our dentist or hygienist to be using equipment that is not appropriately sterilized. Unfortunately, we have recently seen this happen right here in South Florida. The orthodontic clinic operated by Nova Southeastern University’s dental school recently sent out notices to patients warning them that they failed to properly sterilize their equipment, causing potential harm to patients, for more than two years. It was proven that many residents were using disinfectant wipes to clean dental equipment before and after each patient. TheRead More →

Would you what to look for if your elderly relative was being abused at a nursing home.

When we place our loved ones into the care of a nursing home, we never expect them to be victims of abuse. Unfortunately, numbers have proven that abuse inside nursing homes and elderly care facilities is at an all-time high. Nursing home residents have a high risk for encountering physical, emotional and sexual abuse and are often not able or not willing to report their abuse—allowing for additional, prolonged abuse to them and others. To ensure that our loved ones do not fall victim to nursing home neglect and abuse, it’s important for family members to remain diligent and understand the signs of elderly abuse.Read More →

Who is at fault if you do not receive the correct medication

It’s a common occurrence: you see a doctor about a medical issue, they prescribe you a medication, you wait until it’s filled and then you go and pick it up at your local pharmacy. You rightfully assume that the prescription handed to you is the correct one and you proceed to take the medication as directed. For many, this is the situation they will find themselves in after being prescribed a medication. But what if you experience bad side effects and health issues after taking your medication, only to realize that it’s actually not the right prescription at all? Unfortunately, pharmacy errors and prescription misfilingRead More →