Dentist offices give off an air of cleanliness that we expect at all medical professional offices, hospitals and clinics. So we would never expect our dentist or hygienist to be using equipment that is not appropriately sterilized.

Unfortunately, we have recently seen this happen right here in South Florida. The orthodontic clinic operated by Nova Southeastern University’s dental school recently sent out notices to patients warning them that they failed to properly sterilize their equipment, causing potential harm to patients, for more than two years.

It was proven that many residents were using disinfectant wipes to clean dental equipment before and after each patient. The national guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that these tools need to be heat sterilized using a heated container called an autoclave. The autoclave kills bacteria and viruses that the wipes may not be able to kill.

Although the risk to patients is low, there is still a potential that this misuse of equipment caused illness and the school is offering blood tests to those potential affected to ensure they did not contract anything.

You should never leave a dentists or doctors office worse off than you were before or worried that you may have contracted an illness due to an error or cleaning mishap. If this does happen to you, it’s important you get compensation for any injuries or illness that is directly due to the negligence of the doctor, dentist or medical staff.

The attorneys at Balkan & Patterson have extensive experience dealing with medical malpractice claims and know how important it is to receive compensation following a medical issue that could have been avoided. If you are a victim of the current dental sterilization problem at Nova Southeastern University, or a similar type of malpractice, contact us today to learn more about how we can help you file this claim and get you what you deserve. For more information give us a call at 561-750-9191 or visit our website.