Car accidents are not usually synonymous with court trials—and for good reason. The majority of car accident cases will be settled before a lawsuit even gets filed, so there is no reason to attend a court case. Unfortunately, though, there are many instances where a car accident will lead to a court case and those involved will have to attend a trial. Car accidents that lead to trials often include cases where those involved do not agree on who was at fault, to what extent each was at fault or how much compensation should be awarded. An accident case may also land on a judge’sRead More →

Avoid driving while texting

For most of us, our daily lives depend on our cars to get us from place to place. Whether we have a long commute each day or have to drive down the street, avoiding a potential accident is a concern for many. No matter how cautious of a driver we try to be, accidents are often inevitable. Without giving up our freedom of driving completely, there are ways to help avoid accidents. When driving, it’s always important to follow these top safety tips. If you consistently do so, you will not only be preventing harm to yourself, but to all other drivers on the roadRead More →

Boca Raton Beach

Here in Florida, we are no stranger to accidents occurring on our roadways. In fact, our state is routinely on the list for most accidents around the country. Even the most cautious drivers are sometimes unable to avoid getting into a crash. And while many of the accidents we see seem to occur on highways, specifically I-95, local streets are actually more prone to dangerous accidents. To stay safe while on the roads, it’s important to always practice safe driving. Avoiding distractions is key, as that is often the main cause of accidents, specifically on local roads. In addition, always follow the rules of theRead More →

Can I still collect if the accident was my fault?

Accidents can happen out of nowhere. Often, we picture accidents occurring due to the negligence of another driver. But what happens if we get into an accident and it was our fault? If the entire accident is deemed to be your fault, you will not be able to collect any money for injuries or damage that occurred to you or your property. But, it is usually unlikely for many accidents to be deemed entirely one parties fault. If you are able to prove that you were only partly at fault, you could be entitled to compensation. An experienced attorney will be able to take informationRead More →

what do you do if you were hit by a drunk driver?

Car accidents are scary, but when an intoxicated driver is involved in the accident, knowing the right steps to take can be even more intimidating. It’s important to do your research and make sure that you are both safe and protected. These six steps should be your first after getting into an accident with an intoxicated driver. Keep Calm and Ensure Safety The most important thing you can do immediately following an automobile accident is to remain calm. Ensure that the passengers in your vehicle and the other vehicle(s) are safe and have not sustained any injuries requiring immediate medical attention. Limit your interactions withRead More →

Scooter accidents are becoming more common on busy South Florida roads.

Motorized scooters are the latest transportation craze here in South Florida. Head to Fort Lauderdale and you’ll see hundreds of scooters riding alongside cars. As the popularity for these scooters rise, so do accidents involving them. According to Local10, Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue has received at least one call a day since the beginning of December relating to a scooter accident. While many of these accidents result in cuts and bruises, and a possible totaled scooter, many of them result in much more serious injuries—including a recent accident that left a 14-year-old in critical condition. Accidents occur when a car hits a scooter or whenRead More →

Car Accident in Boca Raton - What should you do?

Getting into a car accident can be a troubling and scary ordeal, which is why it’s entirely normal for our first reaction to be one of fear and concern. But instead of getting worked up, it’s important to stay calm and follow the appropriate steps to ensure the accident is handled correctly and any injuries you or the other driver may have sustained are cared for. If you get into an auto accident in South Florida, you need to follow these five steps. Assess Your Injuries & Call 9-1-1 First and foremost, try to move out of the way of incoming traffic if possible andRead More →

Railway Crossing Accidents

With the new Brightline trains here in Florida and more Floridians opting for public transportation, the number of deaths and injuries caused along railroads has greatly increased. In fact, it is almost becoming commonplace to hear a news story about a train striking a pedestrian or a car while going at high speeds. This increase has left many people wondering who is at fault when someone is injured or killed by a train or along a railroad crossing. Determining the Cause of the AccidentA train accident can be traumatic as they often result in deaths or extreme injuries. The first step to finding who isRead More →