Defective Airbags

We all inherently have something called good faith when we purchase products. Whether we saw them on an advertisement, were recommended to them or simply spotted them while shopping, we expect the products we buy to do as they say they will. So what happens if a product actually injures or hurts us? This is where product liability comes in.

A product can be held liable for your injuries if it was designed incorrectly, had manufacturing defects, or if the manufacturer failed to warn or label the product correctly. Products can range from prescription medication to car parts, food items, and more. Examples of these include an air bag that is manufactured incorrectly and fails to protect or even harm an individual after an accident occurs, or a drug not listing all of the warnings and risks associated with taking it, and in turn, resulting in damage to the user.

If a defective product injures you, there are steps you should take to ensure you get compensated for your injuries.

Stop Using the Product
This one may seem obvious, but if you are aware that your airbags are defective, yet continue to drive your car, you could be jeopardizing your case. No matter what the product is, stop using it as soon as you realize it is defective.

See a Doctor
Some defective product injuries, such as a defective air bag, will likely result in a trip to the emergency room. But for those products that may not cause that serious of harm, you should still go see a doctor. Explain all of your symptoms and/or injuries and how they relate to the defective product. Having this on record will help further your claim.

Gather Evidence
As soon as you are injured, take photos of your injuries to prove that they existed and immediately secure the product away into a place where it won’t be touched. If there was someone else who witnessed your injury, ask them to write down their statement and gather their contact information. Your attorney will use this information to further prove that the defective product directly caused your injury.

Hire an Attorney
When a defective product injures you, it is important that you hire an attorney to represent you as soon as possible. Product Liability attorneys have the experience needed in order to fight manufacturers so you can get compensation for your injuries.

We put our trust into manufactures to make products that are not only safe, but that do not cause us harm or injury. When they fail to do this, they deserve to be held liable for their actions. The attorneys of Balkan & Patterson know product liability cases well and have successfully defended clients who have been hurt by defective products. If you feel that you have a product liability case, contact us today to learn more about how we can help you. Give us a call at 561-750-9191 for a free consultation.