Surgical errors are a common form of medical malpractice

Throughout our lives, most of us will seek out the help of a medical professional to treat an illness, correct a problem or even grow our families. While being treated by a doctor is a common occurrence, getting treated improperly is something no one expects to happen. When a healthcare professional is negligent with our care, and that negligence results in injury or pain, that professional should be held liable. There are many different types of medical malpractice, from surgical errors to filling the wrong prescriptions, but here are the most common.

Misdiagnosis or Delayed Diagnosis

Possibly the most common form of medical malpractice is when a doctor fails, or takes too long, to diagnose the patient correctly. There are many different types of illnesses and health problems out there, many of which have the same or similar symptoms. It is common for a doctor to try out different tactics before settling on one, final diagnosis. If they take too long to get to that diagnosis and you end up worse than you were before, it’s a case for medical malpractice. The same is true if you are misdiagnosed completely. If an attorney can prove that another doctor would have been able to diagnose the condition correctly or that there was an error in a lab test that caused that misdiagnosis, it’s the basis for a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Surgical Errors

Any type of surgery comes with a set of risks and can lead to complications or extensive recovery. But if your surgery resulted in a complication that is not associated with the procedure, such as a surgeons’ error during the procedure or a surgical sponge being left inside your body, it’s grounds for medical malpractice. While most surgeries will go smoothly, and these types of complications are rare, they are still common among medical malpractice cases. To prove your pain and suffering is the result of medical malpractice, your attorney will need to prove that the surgeon did not prepare correctly or was careless during the surgery.

Birth Injuries

It’s a scary statistic, but almost 20 percent of all medical malpractice suits are filed against doctors who deliver babies. Medical malpractice can occur to both the mother and the baby before, during or after childbirth and can lead to a number of concerning complications, including spinal cord injuries and even maternal death. Most medical malpractice suits come about after a child is found to have fetal distress or a condition like cerebral palsy, which is often the cause of a birth injury, but malpractice can also be traced as far back as to when the mother first found out she was pregnant. If her OBGYN failed to diagnose or treat a medical issue that, in the end, caused injury or harm to the mother or child, that is also grounds for a medical malpractice suit.

If you have experienced injury, illness or pain after receiving treatment from a medical professional, you should seek compensation for your suffering. An experienced medical malpractice attorney will take care of the legal side of things so you can focus on your recovery. Contact Balkan & Patterson today to learn more about how we can help you get through this trying time. Give us a call at 561-750-9191 or visit our website to set up a free consultation.

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