Balkan Patterson were recently involved in a class action lawsuit against Apple

A class action lawsuit is a type of group lawsuit where a complaint is filed by one party on behalf of multiples who have a similar case. Often, class actions occur when a large corporation is fraudulent or negligent enough to hurt their consumers. It can be very difficult for a single person to go up against a large corporation, so class action lawsuits give those people the ability to not only take on the corporations, but to win their case and prevent the company from hurting more people.

Class action lawsuits, often spearheaded by a qualified attorney, are one of the best ways to get the attention of a large corporation and force them to take action for their wrongdoings. Often confused with mass torts, class actions are similar in that they involve a group of people experiencing the same problem, but with a class action, each plaintiff is treated as an individual and may even have their own attorney working alongside them.

The attorneys at Balkan & Patterson have recently seen two big class action lawsuits. The first is the case against Apple, Inc., where they admitted to slowing down older phones to get users to upgrade to new models. The other is the case with Nissan, where there has been an issue with the transmission on some Nissan cars and SUV’s. Balkan & Patterson has filed against these companies and those who feel they have experienced either of these claims can contact them to see how they can join the case.

Class action lawsuits have many positives: they are often less expensive to pursue, have the power of numbers and result in a higher chance for compensation. When many people are claiming the same issue, it is easier to prove to a judge that a corporation or company is acting in bad faith. And while many people enter into a class action lawsuit to get compensation for their own personal injury, they actually end up helping the greater good in the end. If a large corporation is misinforming or acting fraudulent towards their customers, a class action lawsuit can help put that to an end.

At Balkan & Patterson, we have 50 years of combined trial and class action litigation experience, so we know what it takes to not only pursue a class action case but to win it. If you have been injured or wronged by a corporation or believe you have potential for a class action, contact us right away so we can review your case. Give us a call at 561-750-9191 or visit our website to speak with us today.

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