Who is at fault if you do not receive the correct medication

Any time you buy a product, you are at risk for injury. Unfortunately, the most common types of defective products come from large corporations who are well-known and sell a lot of products to consumers around the country. A product can become defective if it does not work properly or it does not have the proper warning or risk labels to ensure customers use it correctly.

As a consumer, it’s important that you are aware of the common types of defective products so you can avoid being injured by them. Injuries following the use of a defective product can be life changing and include everything from severe injury to burns and even death.

Common defective products include:

Auto Parts

During the car manufacturing process, there are many details that can go wrong. From entire models being made poorly to faulty parts passing inspection and making it into the market, many people find themselves suffering from accidents and injuries at the hands of an otherwise safe mode of transportation. Common cases often include faulty airbags and defective tires.

Medical Devices

Medical devices are widely used to help people live longer, fuller lives. But with the influx of medical devices being used, we have also seen an increase in harm due to a device. Most consumers are familiar with complications due to transvaginal mesh and metal hip replacements.

Prescription Drugs

While it may seem bizarre, many drugs currently on the market have actually not been put through enough testing to ensure their safety to the public. Often, a company will release a drug to consumers without knowing all of the potential risks, causing patients to be harmed or contract serious health issues.

Children’s Toys

Quite possibly the most concerning one on this list, children’s toys pose a great risk to consumers. Whether a toy is a choking hazard and does not warn parents or the chemicals used to create the toy are dangerous to children of a certain age, parents everywhere should take caution when a lawsuit concerning a toy or baby product comes out and be aware of the items they buy their kids.

If you have been hurt or injured by any of these products, or any other type of product, it’s imperative that you contact an experienced defective product attorney to help you fight the legal battle and get the compensation you deserve. For more information about how the attorney at Balkan & Patterson can help you, contact us at 561-750-9191 or visit our website.