We pay a lot of our hard earned money each month to insurance companies to ensure that when and if something happens, we have the coverage we need. So when we do get into an accident or need to utilize our insurance, the last thing we expect is to not hear a response, or the response we expect, from our insurance provider. Unfortunately, this scenario is all too common. Insurance companies will delay payments, avoid communicating with you or deny your claim without reason just to make the process difficult for you and avoid paying out the full amount you are owed. If this doesRead More →

bad faith insurance claims

Insurance companies are notorious for being difficult to work with. But while we may dread getting them on the phone, we never expect them to treat our case unjustly. We give our insurance providers a lot of money each year to ensure that our investments, property and lives are protected and covered. When something happens to harm or threaten these things, we expect our insurance company to help us with the recovery, not to stifle us or make things worse. Unfortunately, at the end of the day, insurance is a business and businesses are focused on one main thing: profit. Because of this, they areRead More →

Hurricane damage to your house.

Hurricanes are inevitable here in Florida, and the damage they cause can lead to lost property, extensive home repairs and a long road to recovery. Most Floridians have enough knowledge of hurricanes to make sure they have the right property insurance, including flood and wind, but just because you have the right policy, doesn’t always mean your insurance company will give you what you deserve after a storm. Right after a storm hits, homeowners are left to find ways to rebuild their lives and their property. A big part of rebuilding is speaking with your insurance company to understand your claim and what you willRead More →