When you send your child to daycare, you expect him or her to be taken care of and looked after. That is usually precisely what occurs. Unfortunately, though, proper care isn’t always given. There have been several cases of child abuse at daycares in Florida and around the country. As a parent, it is a reasonable assumption that when you leave your child in the hands of daycare, the organization’s staff will work to ensure no harm comes to them. If anything other than their complete safety occurs, you may want to take legal action. In many cases, if your child is injured while atRead More →

What are Damages? Seeking damages after a car accident is not purely about the money, even though money awards help injured parties get back to a life of normalcy, it is about making the plaintiff whole. Damages are awarded to the plaintiff in a personal injury case to help them move on with life in the best way possible. Calculating damages depends on several factors, including medical billed costs, pain and suffering and lost wages. Attorneys at Balkan and Patterson can assist you in calculating your damages. Special Damages: Economic Special or economic damages are generally easy to calculate. If you or someone you loveRead More →

In the state of Florida, a great majority of cyclists qualify for damages in a personal injury lawsuit when they are involved in an accident with a car or motorized vehicle. It is a good idea that you consult with a board-certified personal injury attorney at Balkan and Patterson to find out if you qualify for compensation. Should you or someone you love become injured in a car accident while riding a bicycle, here are 6 critical steps to take to ensure that you can be reimbursed for the costs associated with those injuries. 1.  Call the Police Always stay put and involve the police.Read More →

Florida probate law ensures that the deceased’s estate (or wealth) is properly distributed according to their will. In probate proceedings, portions of an estate are often left to someone unable to manage their inheritance. These individuals, whether minors or incapacitated adults, must enter into probate guardianship to receive their inheritance. What is Probate Guardianship? Guardianship is the appointment of an individual who can manage someone’s inheritance while they are incapacitated or under the age of 18. Guardians are required by law to use and manage the inheritance in the clear, best interest of the inheritor.  Who Needs Guardianship? A legal settlement or inheritance valued overRead More →

Even minor motorcycle accidents can become a nightmare for motorcyclists. Those wearing the proper gear are likely to survive, though they may still suffer injuries as a result of their accident. If you or someone you love is involved in a motorcycle accident, there are a few things that you should be aware of. Here is a quick guide to help you know what to do after a motorcycle accident. What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident It is never helpful to exchange stories with the other driver(s) or admit to any fault. Your focus should instead be about getting treated for your injuries andRead More →

Injuries suffered in a vehicle accident are already terrible, but what if the driver responsible was driving so recklessly that there was no way to avoid an accident? Reckless driving is illegal in Florida, and many choose to sue the reckless driver responsible for their injuries. If you or someone you love has been injured as a result of another driver’s reckless driving, you are perfectly able to sue that driver for damages. Here is a quick guide to understanding the consequences of reckless driving in Florida. What is Reckless Driving? According to Florida statute 316.192, “Any person who drives any vehicle in willful orRead More →

Yes, you can sue the other driver if you caused the accident while on your bike. However, depending upon the circumstances of the accident, it may or may not be in your best interest to do so. The reason that you can (and maybe even should) sue the other driver that hit you on your bike – even if you caused the accident – is due to Florida’s partial fault clause. In this article, we will discuss how partial fault works, steps you should take after a bike accident involving a car, and how to seek a personal injury attorney’s advice on your bicycle accidentRead More →

The probate process leans a great deal upon the competence and impartiality of the estate’s personal representative. As such, it is important that if a personal representative is incompetent or clearly biased, they can be replaced with someone who will do a better job. Who is the Personal Representative in Florida Probate? After someone dies, a Florida court appoints a personal representative to oversee debt payments and asset distribution of the decedent’s estate. Typically, the personal representative is named in the decedent’s will or is a surviving spouse. However, there can be circumstances in which the personal representative stands to “endanger” the decedent’s estate duringRead More →

In the state of Florida, some personal injury cases take a couple of months, while many can take a few years to settle. Each personal injury claim is different, but the average personal injury case takes one to two years to complete. If you or someone you love was injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, it is important that you speak with a personal injury attorney right away. These cases can take longer than expected and could get rather complicated. However, an experienced attorney will be able to help you see the bigger picture and receive the best possible outcome with regards toRead More →

An accident involving a semi-truck can lead to extensive injuries and damage. Medical costs and reduced quality of life are common outcomes following a semi-truck accident. You must understand your rights in the state of Florida if you’ve been injured in an accident involving a semi-truck. How Often Do Semi-Trucks Cause Accidents? Each year, around 5,000 non-truck drivers die in accidents involving semi-truck drivers and thousands more are injured in these road accidents. Due to the size and weight of semi-trucks, it is rare that these accidents only involve one other car and crashes usually involve several vehicles. In addition, due to the size andRead More →